Cold appetizers


Prosciutto (Istrian cured ham)
Sheep milk cheese
Cuttlefish salad / octopus salad
Istrian codfish pate
Fish pate
Anchovies  - salted/ marinated
Seaspider (crab)



Warm appetizers

Soup  - tomatoe, beef
Soup  - fish
Mixed shells
Mediterranean mussels
Mediterranean mussels in busara sauce
Clam, Noah’s Arc
Clam in busara sauce
Spaghetti with scampi
Spaghetti with scampi and asparagus
Spaghetti sea-mountain
Spaghetti with fruits of the sea
Spaghetti with crab (house speciallity)
Spaghetti bolognese
Spaghetti with mushrooms/asparagus
Risotto with scampi (min.2 persons)
Risotto with scampi and asparagus (min 2.pers)
Risotto sea-mountain (min.2 pers)
Risotto with fruits of the sea (min 2.pers)
Risotto with mushrooms/asparagus (min 2.pers)




Fish, Scampi, Squid

Mixed fish platter  - for 2 persons
(fish, scampi, squid; grilled)
Seabass, Bream, Sole, White seabream, Dentex
Grooper, Johny dory
Grilled squid
Deep fried squid
Grilled king scampi
Scampi in busara sauce (wite or red sauce)
Deep fried scampi
Fried mixed (scampi+squid; deep fried)



Čevapčići (grilled dish of minced meat)
Pljeskavica (hamburger)
Pork kebabs (on stick)
Grilled veal cutlet
Mixed grill (ramsteak, čevapčići, pork kebabs; grilled)
Istrian steak  - house speciality
(ramsteak filled with prosciutto and cheese;grilled)
Side dish

Franch fries, boiled potatoes
Swiss chard, boiled potatoes with swiss chard (mix)
Rice, rice with vegetables
Season salad
(lettuce, chicory, cabbage, tomatoe, beans)
Vegetables or mushrooms (on grill)



Wine list



               House wine - white, red


               Wine in bottle


                               CUJ Malvazija

                               CUJ Chardonnay

                               CUJ Teran

                               CUJ Rose



                               DEGRASSI Malvazija

                               DEGRASSI Chardonnay

                               DEGRASSI Teran

                               DEGRASSI Terre Bianche

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